Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Judge the book by the cover - I do

Oh my, I haven't updated in ages. I've been meaning to, several times, in fact, but I've been busy with numerous projects...

As I have already mentioned in my personal blog, me and a student colleague of mine are working on the visuals for a fashion show. It's a show organized by our school's fashion design students, and linked to a bigger event. Very interesting, but challenging and time-consuming as well.

My class is also working on the illustrations and all sorts of amusing problems and assignments for a magazine directed to children. This is, for our part, nearly done.

Also I'm having a course on package design, and have been, for the past few days, designing a series of packages for candy drops which, for the purpose of the assignment, go by the name Routa. I actually just finished the layouts and shall print and construct the packages tomorrow - however, I'm not posting them here just yet, the deadline is on thursday so I'll post them here then ;)

I've been so excited about graphic design lately, and really thought that I'm just where I'm supposed to be! We made a few visits to printing offices and editorial offices last week, and I couldn't have been happier. I was on the verge of mental orgasm when I saw all the cool stuff you can do to your work when printing - oh the metallic shine and reliefs and glitters!

Speaking of mental orgasms, I don't know how I've never found it before, but anyone interested in packaging design - or graphic design in general - should definitely check out The Dieline. I've been crying tears of joy and swimming in pools of inspiration for the past week, spending my free moments geeking over the innovative and cool designs presented there.

And now, for something else than orgasms entirely - my schoolwork.

The assignment was to redesign the cover of S. H. Steinberg's 500 years of printing. Sadly I didn't use as much time on this as I should have, but I sort of like the clean-cut feel of it anyway.

Here we were to choose a book the cover of which we disliked, and redesign it. I hate the cover of the copy I have, so here's my take on Anne Rice's The Interview with the Vampire. I've always hated Claudia with a passion, though.

Aaand here's a close-up of the illustration. Sorry for the ugly watermarks, I'm that paranoid. I would have liked to work on this more, but didn't have the time for it. I actually made this with vectors at first, then realized that I can't get the look I want with them (d'uh) and so I went and digitally painted over it.

That's all I can show for now, I'm afraid. I'll come back on thursday with some candy boxes!

...well alright, have this work-in-progress-chihuahua-on-acid.


Riisa said...

Toi sun 500 years of Typography miellyttää kovasti mun silmiä.. taisit muuttaa sitä 500:n asettelua kritiikin jälkeen? Vai muistankohan vaan väärin, että se ois ollu vinossa.... hmmm.. :]

Ilona said...

Joo, toi 500 oli vino ja "years of" vaakasuorassa. Sen lisäksi toi harmaa 500 oli alunperin vain takakannessa.