Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back in Vantaa - back in business.

Summer whizzed past faster than I imagined, and to be honest I haven't picked up a pen and drawn even nearly as often as I should have. I practically did NOTHING during the summer when it comes to drawing.

Now I've returned to Vantaa and after two days of on/off cleaning and relaxing, I've decided to get a grip and start drawing, and I need to remind myself to do it every day. So I've actually thought about setting up a picture a day project - not sure if I should pick a theme for it or if I should just draw something. Then I'd naturally be posting those here. That would also be starting from next week.

For now, I don't have much, but enjoy the little I have.

I told Sanna to tell me what to draw, and she asked one of her characters. This would be Jiro - I had enormous trouble with her, as she is an anthro catwoman, and I couldn't for the death of me get a realistic enough look with the characteristic lips still there. So I settled with the fastest and most impulsive of the sketches I made. I associate this one with Marvel, for some reason...

Part of a current WIP.