Tuesday, November 4, 2008

If wisdom grew in trees, you would be a bush.

This sentence sums up my last couple of weeks - what I should have been doing was branding Finland for a class, but what I have been doing would be not much at all. So now I'll have to rush the presentation together tomorrow and the day after that.

Good things are coming, however, since I'm getting on a cruise to Stockholm on thursday <3 If I only get through these couple of days...

On with the sketches!

Some sketches for something that might or might not come to look like these at all. I bet you found that sentence very informative.

Aaand a sketchdump for things I've done lately. There would be a couple of foxes and a raven from the museum of natural history, then among more random sketches my entries for Dear Day's subject "Halloween" and Paper: Blank's subject "You are what the french call...".


Rahien said...

Tigger: "To be... or not... to be!!"

Ilona said...

Or if you've seen the LoLcat picture with a long-haired cat lying on his side: "DEATH, WHERE IS THY STING!"