Monday, November 24, 2008

Photography helps people to see.

I'm way too tired to write anything of real importance right now. But hey, I've practically got a day off from school tomorrow! Lllove it. I'm so going to sleep late.

We've been having a class on photography for the past week. It's like plunging into an endlessly deep abyss of cold water for me - a week ago I knew practically NOTHING about cameras. Sure I've played around with them before, but they were never this good or full of technical things that I should know before I start shooting..! I'm such a novice, but enjoying the camera and discovering new things. These photographs are nothing special, just experimenting, but I thought I'd show them anyway :)

I don't know if Tuppo was too delighted that I kept taking shots of him, but at least he didn't seem to mind too much. He's probably the easiest animal to photograph I know, yet I can't seem to get decent shots of him. My fail, there.

I should retouch a typography poster tomorrow, maybe I'll post it here along with some sketches once I get it done :)


Rahien said...

ah, suppea syväterävyys -kuvat on niin kivoja kuvata <3

Rahien said...

"pornography helps people to see."