Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Creative concepts

I'm currently having a class on marketing and communications. Despite my quite low expectations, the course is actually really interesting - especially the part where one of our lecturers said that by the end of this course we would quite easily be able to create new ideas and concepts in a relatively short time.

Of course there has to be some boring parts as well, and during them I make it easier for myself to stay awake by drawing.

Random doodles of dogs. I'm so out of practice.

A REALLY messy sketch of a horse/unicorn and quite possibly their last moments. Ignore the brat sobbing at their neck, I didn't have the patience to go any further with this.

I really love doing things the simple way. I ought to do it more.

I was told by a couple of my classmates that this picture has some serious erotic charge in it. It wasn't intended, maybe I have issues? Well, anyway, a werewolf being overly jealous over his dinner.

I'm going to the museum of natural history tomorrow to do some sketches! Hopefully I'll get something done that's worth publishing :)


Suski said...

hmmm... mäkin nään sen furryerotiikan tässä. Ehkä se johtuu tosta herkkupepusta.

Agnetha said...

..tai tosta miten tuo susi pitelee käsissään ton kauriin kaulaa.. :D